Aromatic French Adventure 2022

June 19th – 25th | £800.00 inc. VAT

Drôme valley

This is a tour of a lifetime opportunity for all those who are interested or trained in aromatherapy. The sheer beauty of the area is spiritually uplifting and refreshing, while the sunny weather and sunny natures of the French people are welcoming, relaxing and charming.

Accommodation for six nights with full board (including wine of the area) will be provided at the Ancien Monastère de Sainte Croix, which is situated in the heart of the peaceful Drôme valley, approximately 7km west of the ancient market town of Die (pronounced D-ee). The cost does not include your journey – we suggest flying to Nimes, St Etienne, Lyon or Marseille and hiring a car. Travelling by train is cheap but making all the connections is not everyone’s cup of tea. We will put students in touch with each other for car-sharing during the week. Husbands, partners and friends are welcome, even if they have no interest in aromatherapy…we can almost guarantee they will by the end of the trip!

The visit coincides with the harvesting and distillation of a selection of aromatic plants – and not only includes lectures on the history of the area, the plants grown there and their therapeutic uses, but the opportunity to witness first hand the distillation of the crops.

The group will be harvesting flowers at the beginning of the week and will see how they are macerated a few days later. It will be possible to see other medicinal plants which grow around the local river, including wild lavender, St John’s Wort, chicory, walnut, lime blossom and many more.

Field study trips will include a visit to a distillation plant, walks around herb fields, cosmetic making workshop and a botanical walk complete with picnic, revealing magnificent vistas over the Drôme valley.

A shopping trip will be made to the local market town on market day, also a visit to one or more caves to taste (and buy, if you wish) Clairette de Die, the natural champagne (no added bubbles!) of the area.

We will host a party on the last night, so if you can act, sing or dance or recite, you are encouraged to volunteer your talents! The incredible energy of the atmosphere is also a contributory factor to a very relaxing and spiritually uplifting week.

Study Tour Anticipated Timetable