Hormones, Menopause & Essential Oils


Identify how certain essential oils can bring about balance and harmony to the human being by supporting the hormonal system.

CPD – 6 points (IFPA) / 5 points (FHT)

The whole subject area of how aromatherapy can help with hormonal conditions is unclear and sometimes baffling.  However, because most of our clients will be suffering from a hormonal imbalance of one sort or another (stress is a direct result of stress inducing hormones) it becomes clear that understanding the influence of essential oils on the human system in relation to hormonal balance is crucial.

This course will identify how certain essential oils can bring about balance and harmony to the human being by supporting the hormonal system.  Individual molecules will be explored that can be used daily to treat common problems such as PMS, stress, thyroid deficiency and much more. Using essential oils, carriers, hydrolats, skincare and relaxation techniques to preserve inner and outer beauty and peace. We will look especially at PMS and the menopause and will explore a holistic approach to both these issues, and how aromatherapy can help.

The hormonal content of certain essential oils will be explored along with methods of use and how much of each oil to use for the different areas of menopause.  Treatment plans will be drawn up for individual needs and personal advice will be given if requested.

Pre-requisite: An Aromatherapy Diploma

What Will I Learn?

  • PMS and the menopause – symptoms, treatments, the holistic approach
  • How certain chemical constituents affect the body
  • Aromatherapy treatments – putting what we’ve learnt into practice

Topics for this course

14 Lessons7h

Hormones, Menopause & Essential Oils

Where Hormones Come From & What They Do
Endocrine Glands & Their Hormones
Conditions affecting the Endocrine System
Volatile Essential Oil Molecules & Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy for Diabetes
Aromatherapy for the Menopause
Using Aromatherapy to Help the Symptoms of Menopause
Hormonal Seasons of Life
Food & Food Supplements
Hormones, Menopause & Essential Oils Quiz

Hormones, Menopause & Essential Oils: Assignments

Hormones, Menopause & Essential Oils: Appendices

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