Aromatherapy for Babies and Children


Explore essential oils used for babies & children, with information on toxicity, contra-indications & precautions

CPD – 6 points (IFPA) / 5 points (FHT)

A course exploring essential oils as used for babies and children, including information on toxicity, contra-indications and precautions. A range of childhood ailments and their treatment plans will be explored, including emotional and physical conditions and how to choose and blend essential oils with relevant bases.

Pre-requisite: Aromatherapy qualification

What Will I Learn?

  • Useful Essential Oils
  • Introducing Aromatherapy to Babies
  • Common Problems
  • Essential Oils That Can Be Used with Safely with Babies and Children
  • Hydrolats for Babies
  • Childhood Ailments and Hydrolats
  • How to Use Hydrolats 

Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Aromatherapy for Babies & Children

Introduction: What is Aromatherapy?
Draft Lesson
Aromatherapy for Babies & Children Quiz 1
Baby & Child Massage
Methods for Introducing Essential Oils
Essential Oils Recommended for Aromatherapeutic use with Babies & Children
Recommended Dosages of Essential Oils
Aromatherapy for Babies & Children Quiz 2
Principal Ailments & their Treatment
Aromatherapy for Babies & Children Quiz 3
A Word on Hydrolats
Using Hydrolats
Aromatherapy for Babies & Children Quiz 4
Course Completion


£60 exc.VAT
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