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Cancer Care and Aromatherapy: E-Learning

About Course

CPD – 6 points (IFPA) / 5 points (FHT)

This course seeks to empower both the therapist and the client during what can be a distressing time

The course explores different essential oil blends and application techniques that have been used in hospital and hospice settings with the approval of medical consultants. Contra-indications will be explored, the pathology of different cancers, the care of clients and how essential oils can be used in the clinic and at home to alleviate presenting symptoms.

As professional therapists, we do not ‘treat’ cancer, or any other disease of the human body.  The disease is almost irrelevant to us as we seek to treat the person as a whole.  When we undertake a thorough consultation, including a full body and health assessment, then we will discover information about our client, their lifestyle, and their health emotionally, physically and spiritually, past and present.  We then seek to help that client in as many areas of their life as we can.  This usually involves taking all the information we have about the client into account and choosing a blend of oils that is most likely to affect the emotional state, followed by physical imbalance.

What Will I Learn?

  • The essential oils that are safe & the ones to avoid
  • Different treatment methods for use during the different stages of cancer
  • Guidance regarding treatments during chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug therapy


  • An Aromatherapy Diploma


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Course Content

Cancer Care & Aromatherapy

  • Introduction
  • What is Cancer?
  • Orthodox Treatments
  • Viruses & Link to Cancer
  • Aromatherapy in Cancer Care
  • Massage in Cancer Care & Client Comfort
  • Use of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils & Drug Interactions
  • Chemical Components for Pain & Stress
  • Oil Profiles for use in Cancer Care
  • What about the Carers?
  • Conclusion
  • Cancer Care & Aromatherapy Quiz

Cancer Care & Aromatherapy: Homework & Assignments

Cancer Care & Aromatherapy: Appendices

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Useful to refresh the knowledge of aromatherapy