Skin Conditions and Aromatherapy Treatments: E-Learning

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CPD – 6 points (IFPA) / 5 points (FHT)

Explore & understand the pathology of skin diseases & learn to treat it effectively

As aromatherapists, one of the main issues we come across after stress is skin conditions.  With many people suffering from a variety of skin problems, we need to understand the pathology of the skin disease to be able to treat it effectively.  This course is designed to help the therapist select the most appropriate essential oils and products to help their client and to be able to offer a comprehensive treatment programme.

What Will I Learn?

  • Structure of the Skin
  • Effects of Essential Oils on the Skin
  • Assessment of skin conditions
  • Treating skin conditions/problems
  • Choosing oils for other skin complaints
  • 10 Essential oils for Skin Conditions
  • Carrier Oils
  • Methods of Use of Oils and Carriers
  • Hydrolats
  • Skin Analysis and Skin Care Products


  • An Aromatherapy Diploma
  • A qualification in Anatomy and Physiology


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Course Content

Skin Conditions and Aromatherapy Treatments

  • Introduction
  • Methods of Use of Essential Oils & Carriers
  • Section 1: Structure of the Skin
  • Section 2 : Assessments of Skin Conditions
  • Section 3: Treating Skin Conditions & Problems
  • Section 3: Choosing Oils for Skin Complaints
  • Section 3: Essential Oils & Carrier Oils for Skin Conditions
  • Section 4: Skin Analysis & Skin Care Products
  • Skin Conditions and Aromatherapy Treatments Quiz

Skin Conditions and Aromatherapy Treatments: Homework & Assignments

Skin Conditions and Aromatherapy Treatments: Appendix

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