Unusual Essential Oils


Explore the properties and uses of less common essential oils

CPD – 6 points (IFPA) / 5 points (FHT)

A fascinating course exploring the properties and uses of less common essential oils, enabling you to use a wider variety of oils in your treatments. These essential oils, which you may not have considered using before, will be taught with a recap to their plant family and demonstrations on how the different essential oils can be blended in various ways to enhance common qualities which they may share. Plant families will be linked with family properties and blending with synergy for your client will be looked at.

Pre-requisite: Aromatherapy qualification

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn about various Plant Families
  • Abietaceae Family
  • Lamiaceae Family
  • Apiaceae Family
  • Myrtaceae Family
  • Piperaceae family
  • Rutaceae Family

Topics for this course

12 Lessons07h

Unusual Essential Oils

How to Use This Course
Plant Families: Abietaceae & Cupressaceae
Plant Families: Apiaceae
Plant Families: Burseraceae
Unusual Essential Oils Quiz

Unusual Essential Oils: Homework & Assignments

Unusual Essential Oils: Appendix

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