Over 400 aromatherapy products.

Carrier Oils and Lotions

Each base product is carefully sourced and either bottled as a single item or blended with care to create one of our many blends for everyday use. Our vegetable oils are cold pressed and have no additives or preservatives, ensuring the you have the best quality oils for your use.

Skin Care
Our aromatherapy skin care is totally organic and natural. They do not contain lanolin, mineral oil, synthetic perfume or animal products. Because of the pure nature of the products they can all be used safely on the skin and near the eyes and on the eyelids, bringing their benefits to these neglected areas.

Massage Creams and Oils
Our massage creams, oils and lotions come either natural or blended with essential oils and herbs to promote well-being for your clients.

Reflexology Products
Our foot creams, talcum powders, sprays, lotions, sockettes and practice feet create a complete range for the busy reflexologist.

Other Products
We also supply massage couches, covers, Hopi candles (Biosun), hot stone kits, glass measures, headbands, music CDs, books for every therapy and much, much more.

Penny Price Aromatherapy Limited is the purveyor of the finest essential oils, carriers and aromatherapy products and supplies.

Penny Price Aromatherapy caters for the needs of busy therapists, including aromatherapists, massage therapists, reflexologists, Hopi practitioners, Indian head therapists and life coaches.

Our aromatherapy products are made by hand to ensure maximum attention and quality.

The company imports as many aromatherapy products as possible from independent growers and small farming co-operatives and runs study tours every year to our French fields so you can see yourself how our oils are grown and processed.

Essential Oils
We stock and use only the finest quality essential oils, which are completely natural. Our policy is not to stock any synthetic or chemically adjusted aromatherapy product. We belong to the ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) to assure you of our quality and consistency. Our essential oils also have the ECOCERT guarantee and are organic, naturally farmed or wild-crafted.

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