Using essential oils.


The word synergy comes from two Greek words: ergo meaning work and syn meaning together. Aromatherapy essential oils are synergistic both within themselves and with each other.

In each essential oil there are many different chemicals, which all work together to produce a whole range of integrated effects. When two or three aromatherapy essential oils are mixed together, there will be a stronger effect than the sum of the effects of the individual oils.

To every 10ml of carrier you usually need 3 drops of essential oil.

Lotions, oils and creams

  • 3 drops of aromatherapy essential oil to every 10ml of carrier oil, lotion or body cream. This multiplies up to 15 drops of essential oil to 50ml carrier oil, lotion or cream.
  • When preparing a blend for children 2-12 years of age, older people, and delicate, post-operative or chronically sick individuals, half the amount of oil.
  • For babies less than 2 years of age, use 4 drops of essential oil to 50ml carrier. When blending, start with two and develop to a maximum of four different aromatherapy essential oils.

Blending guidelines


  • Use 4-6 drops in about 15mls of vegetable carrier oil for a full body massage. Use less oil for a part body massage.


  • From hot water: 1-2 drops of essential oil
  • From a tissue: 4-6 drops of essential oil
  • Vaporiser/diffuser: 4-6 drops of essential oil


  • For a full bath use between 4-7 drops of aromatherapy essential oil mixed first into a suitable carrier such as honey, milk, shampoo base or white lotion.
  • For a hand/foot bath use 4 drops of aromatherapy essential oil in a suitable carrier (as above) and use a small basin, foot bath or foot-spa.


  • Put 4-6 drops of aromatherapy essential oil in a small bowl of water. Place a soft cloth into the water and apply to the area concerned. Leave for up to half an hour. Use warm water for a warm compress and cold water for a cold compress.

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